Meet Our Butcher

The 13th to the 19th of March was National Butchers Week- so Rich headed down to see Mark and Dan at Herefordshire Meats to show you how we source the meat for restaurant.

We are Herefordshire farmers sons, so supporting local producers matters. As many ingredients as possible are sourced from local suppliers and we’re always keen to share and see the best that our area can offer.

Our Steak and Cheese pizza uses sirloin steak, so butchers Mark and Dan showed us exactly where the sirloin comes from.

The joint is from the back of a beef animal, near the ribs- it’s why it tastes so good and is so tender. It doesn’t do much work!

Rich also got to give butchery a go on a beautiful pedigree, dry aged, Hereford heifer that had been farmed then butchered within 30 miles of the restaurant!




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